SkillStreaming the
Elementary School Child
New Strategies and Perspectives for Teaching ProSocial Skills

Dr. Ellen McGinnis and Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein

This widely used book provides all the information needed to implement a successful SkillStreaming program with students in grades 2-5. The training approach utilizes modeling, role playing, performance feedback, and transfer (homework).

SkillStreaming addresses the ProSocial skill needs of elementary school students, especially those who display aggression, immaturity, withdrawal, or other problem behaviors. It is designed to help students develop competence in dealing with interpersonal conflicts, learn to use self-control, and contribute to a positive classroom atmosphere.

The curriculum is divided into five skill groups: Classroom Survival Skills, Friendship-Making Skills, Dealing with Feelings, Alternatives to Aggression, and Dealing with Stress.

Within these skill groups the authors provide strategies for teaching 60 specific ProSocial skills, such as asking for help, accepting consequences, dealing with group pressure, and using self-control.


1 Introduction
2 SkillStreaming: Past, Present, Future
3 SkillStreaming and Safe Schools
4 SkillStreaming Arrangements
5 SkillStreaming Teaching Procedures
6 A Sample SkillStreaming Session
7 Skills for Elementary Students
8 Refining Skill Use
9 Managing Behavior Problems
10 Teaching for Skill Generalization

Appendices contain program evaluation forms and a 42-page annotated bibliography of SkillStreaming research.

Papercover, 6 x 9, 352 pages, $19.95